Creative Science Spring Break Camp at the Creativity Shell!

Creative Science Spring Break Camp!

Please join us for a week of Innovation and Creativity! Students in this camp will get a Creativity Shell experience that will absolutely blow their minds (not literally but if they come home with multi-colored hair, we apologize beforehand.)

In addition, students will learn to blend creativity, fabrics, art, cooking and more with science to experiment with some amazing products and create some amazing things!

Monday: Plants, plant fibers and plant dyes. Register
Tuesday: The science of natural and synthetic fabrics. Register
Wednesday: Disappearing fabrics, fabric & food dyes. Register
Thursday: Electricity, lights, cameras and fabrics. Register
Friday: Special Effects! Register

Register for the Week – Creative Science Spring Break Camp.

Date: March 9 -13, 2020
Time: 10AM – 2PM
Cost: SALE $185/Week or $50/Day
Ages: 5+
Location: Kingwood Studio