Toilet Paper Bags – Beginner Sewing Project.

Toilet Paper Bags – Sewing Project
This beginner sewing project uses the same pattern as a simple drawstring bag to make a special toilet paper bag.  

Materials Needed
1 Rectangle fabric no larger than 14″ x 7″
2″ x 24″ Fabric Strip (for drawstring).

Sewing Instructions:
1. Fold a 1 1/2″ fold at the top of the long side of your rectangular fabric.
2. Sew along the edge of the folded fabric to create a channel.
3. Fold the rectangle fabric together right side to right side leaving the sewn channel at the top.
4. Sew downwards from the sewing line of the top channel.
5. When you get to the corner, leave the needle in the fabric, lift the lever and turn the fabric to 90 degree counter clockwise angle.
6. Lower the lever and continue sewing to the folded edge of the fabric.
7. Once you reach the edge, back stitch 2-3 stitches and release the fabric from the sewing machine.
8. Trim lose threads and fabric.
9. Use a safety pin to connect to the fabric strip being used for the drawstring.
10. Insert the drawstring through the channel until it exits from the other side.
11. Remove safety pin.
12. Insert toilet paper roll into the drawstring bag and stuff bag into both ends of the toilet paper.
13. Tie a bow and the top and you are finished!