Microwave Sweater Sewing Tutorial

Microwave Sweater Sewing Tutorial

Materials Needed:
1 10 x 10″ Cotton Square
1 10 x 10″ Quilted Cotton Batting

1. Start with the quilted batting fabric.

Drawing and Sewing Darts:
2. Located the center of each side of the square. (The easiest way to do this is to fold the fabric in half and then fold in half again.)
3. Draw a 3.5″ line down the center of each side of the square.
4. Mark the width of each dart 1″ on each side of the center dart line.
5. Connect the darts to form a V shape.
6. Sew along each side of the darts.

Drawing and Sewing Darts on Cotton Fabric:

7. Once finished, repeat steps 2 – 6 with the cotton fabric.

Connecting the two pieces:
8. Connect the connect fabric and the cotton batting right side to right side.
9. Sew around the square but leave leave a 2″ opening in the center of 1 of the sides.
10. Trim away all excess fabric.
11. Turn Microwave Sweater over to the right side.
12. Use your fingers or a tool to poke out all edges.
13. Sew the open area of the Microwave Sweater closed.