Fabric Facemask Sewing Tutorial With FREE Pattern!

Materials Needed
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2 Pattern Pieces for the front of the mask (can be almost any fabric)
2 Pattern pieces for the back of the mask (works better if it’s a softer fabric)
2 Pattern pieces of the lining of the mask (interfacing works or you can use another cotton fabric)
2 Elastic pieces (Cut to size of your head)

1. Lay the two pattern pieces for the back of the mask on a table with the wrong sides of the fabric facing up.
2. Lay the lining pieces of the masks on top of the fabric and pin (for the back of the masks).
3. Treat all four pieces now as two.
4. Lay the back of the mask pieces together right side to right side.  The fabric combination at this point should look like this:
– Lining
– Fabric
– Fabric
– Lining

5. Sew along the curved edge
6. Lay the front pieces of the mask together right side to right side.
7. Sew along the curved edge.
8. Trim off all excess fabric.
9. Lay the front of the masks down right the right side facing up.
10. Add the elastics across the masks so the end of the elastic touches the squared edges of the mask.
11. Lay the front of the mask on top of the other pieces with the right side touching the right side.
12. Sew around the edges leaving a small opening to turn over to the right side.
13. Once masks is sewn and turned to the right side, tuck the edges of the open side of the mask inside and top stitch to close.
14. Don’t forget to turn the elastics over so they are both on the same side.
15. Enjoy your masks!

Download FREE Pattern