Butterfly Cocoon Sewing Tutorial

This Butterfly Cocoon Project was given out to Creativity Shell students during the week of March 23, 2020.  Pattern pieces have been cut and labeled.  Please follow all instructions, this is a pretty tricky project and can take over 2 hours to complete.  If you have any questions, please email lhorton@creativityshell.org.

Pattern Pieces

4 – wings ( 2 front , 2 back) D
2  – backs ( 1 butterfly, 1 cocoon) C1 & C2
2 – head ( 1 butterfly, 1 cocoon) A1 & A2
2 – body ( 1 butterfly, 1 cocoon) B1 & B2
1 – Antennae


  1. Match one set of Butterfly wings (D – 2 pieces of fabrics) right side to right sides together. Sew around the guidelines.
  2. Trim excess edges of wings and turn each wing over to the right side.
  3. Top stitch around the edge of the wings.
  4. Set wings aside.
  5. Match sides A to A1. Sew along seam lines.
  6. Turn sides A-A1 over to the right side and smooth out or iron the seam.
  7. Match sides B to B1. Sew along seam lines.
  8. Turn sides B-B1 over to the right side and smooth out or iron the seam.
  9. Stacking order to sew all together
  10. Cocoon back right side up – C1 (Fabric should be facing you vertically with the pointed edge closer to your body.)
  11. Place sides B1 facing C1 and matching the point of C1.
  12. Place sides A1 facing C1 and matching the flat side of C1.
  13. Roll wings (D) up towards the unsewn side.
  14. Sandwich side C on top of the rest of the fabrics.
  15. Sew along the outer edges leaving the small top of the head unsewn. If your wings (D) fall into any of the seams, please adjust and do not sew over it.
  16. Turn all right side out through the small unsewn end. The easiest way to do this is reach inside and grab the wings. Pull gently one wing at a time until all is right side out.
  17. Fold antenna in half. With the Butterfly side up tuck the antenna loop end between the layers of the head. Fold over the edge as you would to sew closed an unsewn opening. Sew.

Save your threads and leave them on a tree outside! With all the birds that are nesting, they will pick them up to add to their nests!