Early Registration for Fall 2017 Classes is OPEN!

Registration for fall 2017 classes at the Creativity Shell is now open! Register for 14-Weeks and save 25% off registration (Works out to $15/class).

The Creativity Shell is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to use creative trades to educate and inspire the next generation of makers. Our organization teaches sewing/textile arts classes to students in public libraries, schools and shelters that rescue children from homelessness and human trafficking. Sewing/textile arts classes are designed to educate and inspire children by teaching them essential life and practical skills.

Some of the new classes you will see at the Creativity Shell this fall are:

Beginning Sewing 102: This class is great for children (5+) who have been in our Beginning Sewing 101 Class or know how to work the basic elements of a sewing machine.   At this stage, children will know how to thread their own sewing machines and wind their own bobbins. The will learn to thread a sewing machine, thread a machine bobbin, Sewing straight lines, Sewing curved lines, Zig Zag stitches and attaching two pieces of fabric together. This class is great for students who know how to sew, but are still working their way up to larger and more difficult projects.

Fashion 102: This class is open to students once they can complete all aspects of Fashion Arts 101.  Students taking this class will learn to create their own patterns to make garments. Students will learn the basics of design and transferring that design into pattern drafting. Students will learn to take measurements and use measurements to make patterns. Students will learn to cut and sew fabric-using patterns.

Tinkering/Robotics: This is an excellent class for students to use their creative building skills to create objects that move!  Students will learn how to create items such as movable cranes, robots and other objects by using simple tools such as cardboard boxes and medicine dispensers.  Students in this class will also dive into creating robots from empty pop cans and other objects!

Elementary Engineering: The new Elementary Engineering Class at the Creativity Shell is a Play Based Learning class designed to educate students as they are building.  In this class, we use tools such as popsicle sticks, papier-mâché, cork boards and more to build amazing projects!

The Creativity Bug (Creative Writing, Photography, Advertising/Design): On Thursdays, the Creativity Shell is transformed into a thriving newsroom.  Our photography, creative writing and advertising/design students will be responsible for all the artistic material that you will see in our magazine, the Creativity Bug!

Adult Sewing (Sewcial): The Creativity Shell sewing/textile arts classes for adults will range from beginner sewing classes to advanced depending on the skill level of each person. Adult learners will get the opportunity to sew/create with other adults in a creative and sewcial environment!  Each week, we will work on a variety of different sewing projects.

Supporting a great cause!
Proceeds from the adult sewing class will help the Creativity Shell to provide public sewing classes in public libraries, schools and shelters that rescue children from homelessness and human trafficking!

For a list of all of our fall 2017 classes, please click here: http://app.mainstreetsites.com/dmn3570/classes.htm?sem=24170#sem