Sew a Little Love Fabric Kit


This Hand Supports Creativity!

The Sew a Little Lovecommunity project will be a series of community quilts where quilt blocks are made from a person’s hand that is traced and cut from fabric.  Each hand will be as unique as its owner and will have an additional heart shaped fabric sewn into it with a handwritten message if desired.  In total, the Creativity Shell plans to make 100 quilts and will need around 7,200 people to participate.  Once the quilt hand blocks are made, they will be sewn into quilts.  If any entity such as a school, city or organization in America needs love or support during difficult times, they can request a Sew a Little Love quilt to be loaned out to them for a period of time.  Quilts will also be hung in libraries across the country intermittently.

This kit included:
1 Base Fabric
1 Hand Fabric
1 Iron on-Interfacing
1 Heart
1 Name tag

Directions to sew hand blocks are included with the fabric in this kit.  Please remember to send the block back to the Creativity Shell once completed.



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