New Creativity Shell Sewing Class kicks off at Woodcreek Middle School – Donations Needed!

The Creativity Shell has partnered with middle school teacher Denelia Blake to launch a 9-week sewing/textile arts program at Woodcreek Middle School! Donations are needed to help pay for the costs of operating the class.

The Creativity Shell is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to use creative trades to educate and inspire the next generation of makers. The organization teaches sewing/textile arts and other trades classes to students in their private studios, libraries, schools and shelters that rescue children from homelessness, trauma and human trafficking. Their classes are designed to educate and inspire children by teaching them essential life and practical skills.

Classes will begin on Wednesday, October 9, 2018 and will last until December 11, 2018. The Creativity Shell is providing the school with 12 NEW sewing machines, fabrics, supplies and sewing projects.   There are currently 30 students registered for this program and the organizations needs your donations to help pay for the costs of sustainability. Please consider donating $25 (less than $3 class/student)for each student to participate in this program.

Students from Woodcreek Middle School are hoping to learn enough sewing skills to participate and sell their own handmade items in the Creativity Shell’s annual Munchkin Market on December 1, 2018. Please help them the Creativity Shell and Ms. Blake continue to use creative trades to educate and inspire them.

Sponsor a Sewing Program at Woodcreek Middle School!

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