Help Jerry the Bus get Back on the Road!

Many of you know our beloved Jerry the Bus but have probably been wondering where he is as he has not been around for a while. (The Kids have all been asking too and we don’t have the heart to tell them he is broken).

Jerry has been having trouble for a few months but he held on until After Creativity Rocks last May.  By the Monday after the show, we could barely get him started and by the time we took him to the workshop, he was in dire need of service.

At this time, Jerry needs a new radiator/coolant system, 6 new batteries, new inverter, wiring, water pump, thermostats, gaskets, generator oil change and coolant fill.  The cost to fix our beloved bus is $14,500 and we need your help!

For this Giving Tuesday and until the end of 2023, please help Jerry get back on the Road.  Your donation of $1, $10, $1000 or $10,000 will help our Bus get back up and running.

Your donations will go towards the cost of fixing our Bus and will bring a smile to all the people who Jerry has touched since he has been a member of the Creativity Shell Crew.