Creativity Shell to Open a Creative Cookery for Kids!

In their never-ending quest to fulfill their mission to find creative ways to educate and inspire the next generation, the Creativity Shell will be opening a Creative Cookery in January 2021 in Kingwood, TX.

The Creativity Shell in a nonprofit organization that teaches creative trades such as sewing, cooking, interior design and more to children.  Founded in 2015, the organization teaches classes in their private studios, mobile studios (Jerry and Sherry), schools and shelters that rescue children from homelessness and human trafficking.

The Creative Cookery will be a standalone studio where students as young as 5 years old can go and create their own meals.  Students enrolled in classes at the Cookery will have their own cooking workspace that will consist of a cooktop, counter prep space, utensils and more while they learn to cook.

Students will have a variety of meal choices to choose from depending on their semester

Registrations for classes are available online at:

In addition to in-person classes, the Creativity Shell will also continue their mobile/hybrid cooking classes through their Creativity Cooks program.  Through Creativity Cooks, meal kits are delivered to students at their homes or drop off locations that contain all the materials and supplies students will need to make the meal at home.

The Creativity Cooks program is also being used to address food scarcity among children in low income households as well as children in the juvenile justice system.  Funds raised through Creativity Cooks and the Creative Cookery will be used to help support these programs.