Creativity Shell Launches Creativity Bug Design Contest for Kids!

Attention ALL creativity bugs (kids up to 18), its time to get ready, set and create! With the upcoming launch of the new Creativity Shell Magazine “The Creativity Bug”, we are looking for unique bugs to grace the front cover of the magazine for our first edition in November 2017!

The Creativity Bug will be a unique way for students to enhance their creativity and connect with other creative students across the Houston Area. Contributors to the Bug will utilize different aspects of Creativity Shell programs to make, create, write, draw, photograph, develop advertisements, marketing and more to help publish the magazine! The Bug will be a monthly publication and will be distributed at public libraries and select retail stores across the Houston area. By contributing material to the Creativity Bug, students will be constantly encouraged to utilize skills such as creative writing, problem solving and real world business skills.

Bugs designed for the Creativity Bug Contest can be made of any material as long as the materials are safe and non hazardous. Bugs can be made of wood, screws, canvas/paint, sewn, slime, soap and more!

Each contestant needs to download an entry from and submit it along with a photograph of your bug to or, you can drop off your entry form and your Bug at the Creativity Shell (1570 Kingwood Drive.)

Bugs will be separated into four different categories:

– Most Unusual.
– Most Eco Friendly.
– Most Original.
– Scariest.

Creativity Bug Winners will be announced at the Creativity Shell Birthday Party on Saturday, September 2, 2017. Each winner will receive a 2-hour party at the Creativity Shell for the winner and 5 of their friends!

Don’t forget to sign up for Creativity Bug photography, marketing/advertising, creative writing and newsroom classes on Thursdays at the Creativity Shell.

Creative Writing/Newsroom: