Creativity Shell Launches Creativity Bug

Creativity Shell Launches Creativity Bug: An Online Magazine for Students by Students!

The Creativity Shell has launched the Creativity Bug which is an online magazine designed for students by students. Our organization is looking for student writers, photographers, artists, designers, reporters, sports stars, models and other fun disciplines to contribute to the Magazine.

A list of daily and weekly challenges will also be available online at Some of the current challenges/activities are:

  • Growing a Bean Plant
  • Song Parody
  • Coronavirus Poetry & More

We are also looking to fill some job positions including:

  • Weatherman/woman
  • News Reporters
  • Photographers and Videographers 
  • Fashion reporters and more!

The Creativity Bug is a great for building confidence and self-esteem.  This magazine is also great for students who have difficulty reading and writing as they will get an opportunity to submit content and have their ideas heard and published.

Content on the Creativity Bug is created by students and students are encouraged to submit their articles, artworks videos and other creative projects so it can be published and displayed.  Students are also encouraged to participate in the challenges available.  They are engaging, fun and foster play based educational initiatives.