Dear Friends of the Creativity Shell,

The Creativity Shell is planning to build a larger studio space in Kingwood which will be the NEW Creativity Shell Design Center.

To get funding for this creative endeavor, our funders want us to prove that we are truly creative thinkers and we are being challenged to think of an outside the box way to raise the initial $1 million dollars.

When the Design Center is opened, it will offer children a safe space to create.  Classes that teach practical skills such as sewing, cooking, designing, writing/reading, media publication and more will be available and children will also learn fundamental skills such as problem solving, perseverance, critical thinking and build confidence and self-esteem at the same time.

The Creativity Shell Design Center will employ mental health therapist who will offer free counseling services to children in need and will also work closely with colleges, universities and apprentiships to offer opportunities to Creativity Shell students who maturate out of programs to move on to higher education and employment opportunities.

The idea of the 1 million Seams to Mend Campaign was fitting because this is the reason why we want to build the Design Center.  When we opened our doors almost six years ago to start teaching sewing classes, we did not realize that as we were teaching the children… we were mending them back together at the same time.  There are so many children suffering from poor mental health care and our design center will give us a larger space and more professional staff to join our team to provide arts education therapy plus free counseling to children need.

So far, everyone has agreed that the Creativity Shell Design Center is a fantastic idea.  The feedback we have received however is that to build such a unique space we need to do something outside of the norm that will get community support behind the project.  We’ve been thinking about this for a few months and this is how we think you can all help us…

This is where we need all your help….

If you think we can raise $1 million by September 10th, please donate $1.

If you don’t think we can do it but think it’s cool of us to try, please donate $1.

If you think our Design Center is going to be an awesome place for children, please donate $1.

If you wish you had a place like the Creativity Shell when you were a child, please donate $1.

If you’ve ever suffered from mental health issues or know someone who has, please donate $1.

If our Executive Director is the only person you know who’s name is Shelancia, please donate $1.

If you actually read every part of this email, please donate $1.

If you want more information on the Creativity Shell and the work we do, please visit our website at

Once funds are raised, construction of the NEW Creativity Shell Design Center in Kingwood will begin in 2022/2023.  Thank you for all your support and thank you for giving us the opportunity to use creativity to educate and inspire the next generation of makers.

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