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Creativity Shell Launches Anti-Luring Campaign!

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To Kick off 5th Birthday, Creativity Shell Launches Anti-Luring Campaign in an effort to Prevent Human Trafficking.

When the Creativity Shell began teaching sewing/textile arts classes to human trafficking survivors 5 years ago, the one thing they did not expect to find was the surprising number of children who were lured into the dark world of sex trafficking.

The Creativity Shell is a nonprofit organization on a mission to use creative trades to educate and inspire the next generation of makers. The organization teaches sewing/ textile arts, cooking, architecture and other creative classes to students in public libraries, schools and shelters that rescue children from homelessness and human trafficking. Their classes are designed to educate and inspire children by teaching them essential life and practical skills.

During the last 5 years, the Creativity Shell has identified a disturbing trend in the world of sex trafficking called luring and it is happening more often for students today and is completely legal.

For more information on the Anti-Luring Campaign, please click here…