Sponsor a Sewing Machine!

8% funded

For a limited time, the Creativity Shell has received a discount off the purchase price of the sewing machines we use in our sewing/textile arts classes. Our goal is to purchase 36 new sewing machines by September 5, 2016 (Extended to October 5, 2016!) and we need your support!

New and uniformed sewing machines throughout our sewing/textile arts programs create a better learning environment for our students and our teachers. By having uniformed sewing machines, our students can easily participate in-group work, the machines are easier to set up for our teachers and the machines also become less problematic which requires additional maintenance.

Due to the lack of sewing machines in some of our programs, students must share machines which further reduces quality time that could be used for creativity.

Your donation of $150 will purchase 1 new sewing machine that will be used in our programs at public libraries, schools and shelters that rescue children from homelessness and human trafficking.

Each donated machine will receive a sticker plaque to showcase the name of the donor. All donations are also tax deductible.

$ 150
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