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The Great American Stitch Chain!

The Creativity Shell is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that teaches sewing/textile arts programs at Houston Public Libraries, public schools and shelters that rescue children from human trafficking. The organization provides the sewing machines, fabrics, supplies and certified sewing/textile arts instructors to teach kids. By making a Stitch Chain, students...

Girl Scouts Embrace Creativity Shell

Will partner to host sewing/textile arts workshops for badges! The San Jacinto Girl Scouts has partnered with nonprofit organization, the Creativity Shell to offer specialized sewing/textile arts workshops for Houston Girl Scouts! The Creativity Shell is on a mission to use creative trades to educate and inspire earth’s most precious...

Sewpport Creativity!

I have been sewing since I was 4-years old. My grandmother taught me how to sew, like her grandmother before her and before her. I never though that sewing would become such as large part of my life, maybe because I’ve always done it, I didn’t think it was such...

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Creativity Shell relies on donations of cash, fabric, supplies and new sewing machines.